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Sunday, January 30th, 2011


Olivades factory outlet


Chemin des Indienneurs
13103 Saint-Etienne-du-Grès
04 90 49 18 04

Cast a wary eye on the fabrics in bright provençal designs that festoon every market. Most are cheap imports. Olivades claims to be the only company still manufacturing traditional fabrics in Provence. You’ll find its shops in Aix, Avignon, Carpentras, Nîmes, Saint-Rémy and Vaison… but why not go one better and pick up some bargains at this factory outlet? As the address suggests, it stands on the spot where indienne fabrics inspired by designs brought back from the east centuries ago have been produced for almost 200 years.

As well as exquisite prints in a glorious array of patterns and colours, sold by the metre, you’ll find napkins, table runners, tablecloths and other items to bring a touch of la vraie Provence to your table.  Alongside the traditional designs, Olivades has introduced a contemporary range of plain colours, stripes and checks. But for my money (a fair bit of it, over the years), the rich indienne prints are the star attraction. Admire their subtle colour combinations, feel the quality of the fabric, and you’ll think twice before yielding to temptation at a market stall ever again.

Guided morning tours of the fabric printing workshop (in English) can be arranged by appointment.

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  1. Oh, Mary! We went there today! The fabrics are absolutely to die for! But, our luggage is groaning now and we are terrified to try to stuff another thing in! However, I was swooning in the factory store! We just stumbled upon it on our way back to St Remy from Pont du Gard. What a find!


    1 Oct 12 at 8:26 pm

  2. Great news, Helen. Well worth hauling home!


    1 Oct 12 at 8:52 pm

  3. The fabrics shown in the photo are classics from Souleiado, not Olivades.


    2 Feb 14 at 6:47 pm

  4. The fabrics in the photo are my own, Carolyn – purchased in an Olivades shop: not a Souleiado one.


    2 Feb 14 at 7:02 pm

  5. Hi Mary! A French friend has told me about this wonderful place many times, and I want to visit there this trip to Provence. However, I am unable to find its exact location on map quest using the address on their website. I will be traveling by car there mid May. Please send any information that you can on its actual location. Thank you!



    5 May 14 at 4:17 pm

  6. I too found it difficult to find on a map. Chemin des indenneurs was not to be found. The exact address is 5 Avenue du Barberin, St Etienne-du-Gres.
    It is on the D99 between Tarascon and St Etienne du Gres. Coming from St Etienne, it is off the second roundabout out of the village. There are yellow Les Olivades signs on almost every exit. It’s just about 250 metres from the roundabout. Opening hours Monday to Saturday 9.30-6.30pm summertime. A great find, happy shopping.

    Ann McDonald

    15 Jun 14 at 6:51 pm

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